Curriculum Content

The Religious Education Curriculum contains five broad content strands, each containing content modules, for specific year groups.

Five content modules, one drawn from each of the strands are allocated to each year of study. Each of the content modules will be studied for 20 hours and will on their own comprise the Religious Education course throughout Years 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10.

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A statement for each strand encapsulates the Catholic theological understandings to be explored and developed with students throughout their years of Catholic education. The strands are interconnected and the statements note these connections.

Year Group

The Religious Education Curriculum is organised into Year and Stage groups, with each Year group studying units from each of the five content strands. 

Life Skills

The Years 7-10 Life Skills course provides opportunities for students to learn about the Catholic faith and its rich tradition of Scripture, teaching, ethics and culture. Through their studies, students will develop an appreciation of the richness of the Catholic tradition and the expression of the Catholic faith.